Counseling for Trauma

Unfortunately, at some point in our lives most of us will have a traumatic event that changes the way we perceive the world and shakes our foundation of security.  A trauma could be a single moment in time that changes our lives- a complicated labour and delivery, a car accident or a significant loss of a loved one.

Trauma can also be long term exposure to physical, verbal, psychological, spiritual or sexual abuse where someone exercises power over someone elsle using fear, anger and/or shame amongst other power and control tactics.

Living in state of constant chaos and crisis can also create a stress response that rewires your brain and has traumatic consequences.

Trauma can cause nightmares, flashbacks, intense anxiety as well as freeze and submit responses that feel like depression long after the terrifying or chaotic event (s) have passed.

Whatever ripple effects of trauma are present in your life, together, one step at a time, we will make sense of your story.  It is hard work but with courage you can create stability for yourself; you can regain a sense of trust in yourself and God; you can feel peace and security again.

Our first step will be to create some stability in your life. You will learn how to turn off the stress response and to bring closure to memories using proven psychotherapies and collaborating with other professionals to address the biological underpinnings of trauma.

In order to heal we will help you reconnect to your body and your emotions. Then we can begin to examine your relationships and teach you what it means to live with boundaries. You will learn how to create your own sense of safety and security as you learn about yourself and regain a sense of your worth. 

When treating trauma the first step is always stabilization- this means learning how to calm and soothe your body through self-awareness, psychoeducation and finding relaxation and grounding techniques that work for you.

Together we can learn new skills, gain new insights, and heal from past traumas.

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